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Atomic Wallet is a privacy respecting multi-currency wallet that helps you manage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 300 other coins and tokens. Private keys and backup are encrypted and never leave your device.

When I first got into crypto as a total newbie, I searched the web with the keywords “privacy respecting crypto wallets” and settled on Atomic after reading several reviews. This was my first wallet, and is still an overall favorite because it does so much, so eloquently.

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Atomic Wallet


Explaining this in simple terms, because this blog is for those who are new to crypto, Atomic is first and foremost a crypto wallet. It stores your crypto assets. Actually, this is not technically the case, because digital currency is different than physical cash bills. To be accurate, your holdings live on the blockchain, and a crypto wallet connects with it, stores your private keys, and keeps your cryptocurrencies accessible only to you. So your wallet keeps track of your crypto assets and obviously it will need to allow you to receive, send, and spend your cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum).

Atomic does these things very well. It has a visually attractive and easy-to-understand interface, whether on your laptop or on a smartphone. You can use it on Windows, on a Mac, on an Android phone, or iPhone (and more). Download Atomic directly from their home page here (click the “Download” button near the top of the page).

Normally you will first buy Bitcoin or any other crypto asset on a crypto exchange such as Binance or KuCoin. Although they’ll custody the coins for their customers, most people choose to self-custody, thus maintaining full control over their digital assets. So you need a wallet to “receive” the assets, thus holding and keeping track of them. With Atomic, you can skip the step of using an exchange. Simply download the wallet and buy crypto right within the app. Once you’ve bought the crypto and it’s safely stored within the Atomic Wallet, you have the ability to send an amount of currency to others (whether to send a gift to a family member or to pay a merchant for products or services) directly from within the app. As I said, Atomic does these core things very well. But it does so much more. In addition to buying your favorite assets, you can swap them, and stake them for high interest returns. For example, get rewards on staking Tezos, ATOM, BAND, TRON and other coins earning about 5-20% APR.

Hands On

Hands on using Atomic Wallet for crypto.

Beyond wallet basics … Here are some great things to do with Atomic Wallet.

Buying crypto within the app

From the menu, select “Buy Crypto.” Such a great feature. You’re bypassing the crypto exchange. The next screen is where you select the amount you want to buy (say $200), and the coin (say Bitcoin). The CONTINUE button then allows you to make the purchase via VISA or MasterCard. Their credit card processing partner, Simplex, handles the deal seamlessly.

Staking within the app

Staking can be difficult to set up. Atomic makes it simple. Simply put, staking is a way of earning rewards for locking in certain cryptocurrencies within a staking platform. Within Atomic, you can earn 1.63% to 23% APR (at the time of this post). Thankfully, Atomic can be your staking platform, thus saving you a lot of research on which way to go about it.

As shown in the screenshot, I selected the Staking menu item, clicked on a stored asset I had in Atomic (in this case Cosmos ATOM) and then clicked on a button to confirm the selection. So I’m now getting 10% interest on ATOM. Pretty simple.

Notice the highlighter is on “Staking.” Rewards on this screen at time of this post range from 23% down to 1.63%.

I then went on to stake Solana (see screenshot).

Just staked Solana


Atomic Wallet is an extremely easy-to-use and powerful way to manage your crypto assets. It is non-custodial and decentralized. The company behind it has no access to your wallet and other sensitive information.

This may well be the best crypto wallet available. I heartily recommend Atomic. Download it here. Enjoy your crypto experience.

Safe Practices: With any wallet, be sure to tightly control your own security.  Keep your device safe. If someone gains access to your device, the wallet might be compromised as well. Do not share your 12-word backup or private keys with anybody. Either of them are essentially a key to the wallet. Be serious about your passwords. Come up with a strong password. Store it in a secure password manager.

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